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Project Experience

The following list provides a list of projects descriptions we have worked on for the last few years:

  • Requirements, archicture, design, implmenetation of a safe HMI platform for railway control systems.

Keywords: Safety, Java 6, RCP, JOGL, OpenGL, JGroups, Eclipse, Cenelec 50158, Subversion, Linux, Rational Software Modeller

  • Analysis, design, implementation of a data preparation tool chain for a safety relevant railway transport visualization product.

Keywords: ExtremeProgramming, Java, Eclipse3, XML-parsing, javacc, dom4j, swt, ClearCase, UCM, OOA, OOD

  • Definition and execution of a test suite for a visualization component.

Keywords: DOORS

  • Realisation of a accounting interface for a POS system.

Keywords: HTTP, Servlets, JSP, Tomcat, Apache

  • Analysis, design, implementation and execution of a verification module for a security relavant railway transport system.

Keywords: ExtremeProgramming, Java, Eclipse3, XML-parsing, javacc, dom4j

  • Realization of a C++-interface-class for a XML-interface of a J2EE based application (OMS 2.5 running on Bea WLS). Usage of fast XML parsers and HTTP client library.


  • Implementation of graphical dialogs with Unicode support, for a existing InstallShield installer, based on MFC. This installer is used by one of the largest car manufacturer in the world, to distribute repair documentation all over the world.

  • Graphical User Interface for a Service Management System, platform independent (Java-Swing based).


  • Migration of a large C-based HP-OV API (system management platform) to a Java-API (Java-class).

  • Analysis, design and implementation of a large business process of a nationwide telecom company for the service provisioning process of PSTN, ISDN and PABX services using a leading order management system OMS of MetaSolv.


  • Creation of interface processes for integration of the resource management system, customer care and billing system with the order management system OMS to support fully automate process flows. The main focus was reliability and performance.

  • Creation and usage of Development-/build environment for middle size teams (configuration-, build- and source code-management).

  • Client- and server part of a telecommunication management application for video on demand solution.